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    hey guys, been working on this for couple of days. finally finished but more bits and pieces are left to do.

    can you please comment on the design of the site. i know, it dosen’t look professional, but still i tried to make. first hardcoded everything in normal html and css, but later put the whole thing into wordpress.

    i did not know anything about creating custom themes for wordpress. but @chriscoyier ‘s videos really helped me and took me just a day to learn the whole thing.

    also can you please help me with more design stuff, so as how can i make it look more attractive.

    your comments are all welcomed.


    here is the site link.


    I don’t think the ‘graph’ thing does you any favours….it’s basically screaming that you have a lot to learn.

    Is “SI6” meant to be cute or just a typo?

    In Chrome, I have to click Portfolio twice to be taken to that page…not sure what this issue is.

    Finally, and this is just a personal have pages with different heights…not usually a problem but the vertical scrollbar appearing and disappearing is kind of distracting for me.

    Other than that it’s pretty basic so there isn’t a lot to comment on.


    On Firefox 9, when you click, for example, link B when you’re in page A, you get page A loaded then straight after page B pops instead of it.

    For the homepage, you should center the graph with the big title above.
    The fonts used on graph are very, very hard to read…a graph is meant to be clear :)


    Not bad if it’s your first and like you said you are just starting out so you will improve your skill set in time. Best thing you can do to learn style is to really watch trends in web design.
    If I was you… really focus on responsive web design. Responsive web is here to stay and it is going to be the standard soon. Mobile sites are a must!
    Good luck and keep pushing forward.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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