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    Charles Peters

    Looking for a critique of the design of this new project, it’s a blog I tried to start and then got in deep with some client projects. I did some writing about typography and realized the first real version of it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. So I redesigned it over the last 6 weeks or so.

    would love some feedback, planning on a real release of this on monday


    The title and subtitle are too large for comfortable reading at a 1440px window width, I think your scaling typography should max out at something like 1100 or 1200px width which feels about right.

    Otherwise, I like the orange-toned images with text overlaying them. It’s quite cool, beats solid backgrounds or gradients by a long shot.

    Maybe consider using progressive images instead, though.


    I love the design. :)

    I slightly agree with @Ed about the size of the font.

    Charles Peters

    thanks @jurotek, that’s something i’m aware of, it’s this random thing with flexbox that i didn’t know how to use properly when i got started, in the next iteration i plan on making that with flex-wrap.

    @ed that’s fit-text being awesome, i think i can tone that down.

    Brandon Reid

    Duuuude, like.

    Didn’t understand what was happening on first scroll, here’s my first intake:
    “Arwhd, don’t miss your target, the web is complicated, find out more”..

    The paragraph that goes “This site is meant to a good place to discuss those things like. . . ” might be a good candidate for some eye catching spot that can orient the first time visitor. Maybe since the catch phrase isn’t the most important, it could be smaller type to make space for that.

    “ARWHD” also seemed like a mouthful, my brain couldn’t make the letters out or anything. Not a huge deal as I’m sure it would come together eventually, but maybe small text explaining the acronym (if it is one, again, all super quick first impressions).

    As a retina screen user, I feel the love with this site. Beautiful for sure.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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