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    Hello, i just finished uploading a new website design for this website :, please review my site.

    Thanks a lot.



    Well, I feel its too cluttered, far too overwhelming. Doesn’t make me want to consolidate anything except my browser window so I don’t have to see that lady talking…thank god my speakers aren’t hooked up, or I’d be pretty pissed…especially because she keeps coming back when I hit the homepage again! Otherwise, the logo is cool and colors work pretty well together.

    I would ditch the talking lady and center the page…left aligned rarely works well, especially if you’re doing it just to fit in some animation that most people will pause, or worse, leave the site immediately.

    Overall, I just feel a bit too inundated with the site. I would strip most of the content away and simplify it all into more concise categories and descriptions. I also feel the "free consultation" so in your face on the home page is a deterrent, feels a bit salesman like…perhaps making it a smaller sidebar thing which could free up some room for some simple content describing why people should choose this company.


    I must admit I like the overall design of the site, it feels clean and professional and more importantly I feel like I could give you my credit card number in confidence. The only problem I have found it that as I scroll down, the page length contines to expand, not sure why, but I does need fixing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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