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    So Ive created a site for a client, I’m having issues on getting the background to show up in IE. Ive tried different things but cannot get it to show up. Any ideas, the site is live and you can take a look at the problems live on the server. The web address is

    Any help that I could get with this problem would be much appreciated.
    Again, the problem is occurring in the background of the website and in the footer where the copyright info goes.

    Thanks all,


    Andy Staple

    Could your Charset be messed up?

    I know some people have had problems with cmky in IE and it often won’t render it. Is it possible you saved the .png in cmky instead of rgb?


    Hey Andy, You know, I didn’t even think about that, and after reading your reply I thought that that might have been the case, but when i went in and inspected the image it is in RGB and not in CMYK color.


    IE6 does not support transparent png-24. There are a slew of solutions available, just search for "IE6 png fix".


    Thanks to both of you guys, I found a solution on I posted the same question.

    To those who might run into the same error of not having the background images **not just .png’s but any image in this case** show up in IE.

    My problem was actually in 2 places, one was my CSS and not in the image itself, as suggested by another forum user.

    my code read:


    but it needed to read:

    background:url(images/bkg.png) repeat;

    With a space between my url and the repeat command.

    The second problem was located in where my style was styling. I had read somewhere that you can apply CSS to the <HTML> tag; and you can, but it will not show up in IE. So if you are planning on using the <HTML> tag as a place to hold your background image in your CSS then also add in a rule for IE where you apply the background image to the <body> tag of your website, this can also be avoided by just not putting any style on the HTML tag at all and just skipping to styling the body tag as usual.

    My footer image wasnt showing either, and the problem was in the CSS with the same problem as my background image.
    There was no space between my URL and the repeat command.

    Thanks for all the help everybody,
    hope my problem can be a help for somebody in the future.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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