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    The Dynamic Page/Replacing Content tutorial looked like just the tick for a project I’m working on now.

    I love this site for things like this. I’m always finding trick and tips that work better than any others I can find out there. thank you, Chris!

    Ok, my problem: The trouble came when I started trying to adapt the example to my design, which can been seen in very rough and preliminary form here. Please don’t bother critiquing aesthetics or details. :D I’m trying to iron out functionality before go too far down the road with this idea.

    What I want to accomplish is this:

    I want the entire background image of that main content div (forks/plate image in this case), along with the contents of that main box to change on each page. the nav and logo/header area will stay the same. This differs from the example in the tutorial in that all of the content that changes is below the header/nav area rather than behind it. The code ah not been modified to attempt the dynamic loading yet, so don;t bother looking there for it. It’s just to give you a visual idea of what I’m after.

    I did some quick a dirty local experimenting with the demo files and was able to get the "guts" to extend up behind the nav. I changed the background color of each of the pages to see how it worked and the results were less than good. Clicking the different links results in weird flickering behavior. See my butchery here.

    So. Any ideas? Am I asking too much to be able to make this example work with my design? Am I reinventing the wheel? I’m pretty much a jQuery/js n00b, but I can machete my way through most things…

    Thanks a lot for looking and even more for responding.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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