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    I have put a class in my h2 but still showing the heading background. I only want the background to show up in when do not have h2.

    I only want to be able to show the bottom border in the heading that has h2.

    the two samples are in my code pen

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    Which background, when?

    The background of `

    ` will always show if there is anything inside that div even just padding. Setting `background:none` on the h2 will not affect the background of `


    If you don’t want a background on the `

    ` don’t put one on it.
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    An `h2` is a block level element; there really isn’t any need to wrap in in a div **unless** you want to put some sort of special styling on the **div** itself.

    If you want a bottom border only on the `h2′ then just add that.

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    The way I done is way open cart is

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    So there is always a `

    ` and there may be an ` h2` in it or there might not be?

    But if there is an `h2` it has to have a bottom border BUT you don’t want the wrapping `

    `to have the background that Open Cart has assigned.

    Is that right?

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    I am now just modifying it will let you know how I go.

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    I did it your way using div just about there few things have to fix but all good.

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