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    Does anyone know of any good video tutorials that show how to build a custom CMS system? I come from a programming background in 3D and I’m not entirely new to web design by any means but over the years I’ve used wordpress. But I’m at a point now where I’d like to build my own. I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on where I could learn how to write a custom CMS system.

    It doesn’t matter if the tutorials are free or cost $?

    Even if the tutorials show in their most basic form how to make a input form to write to a server and read back to an html. They do not have to be elaborate, but at least explain things well.


    I found [this]( ) a while ago but it’s in a very simple form. I’m interested in what people find for more advanced stuff.


    @deeve007 +1 on Kirby.


    Now is node.js the next generation of cms? Is it worth going that route ?


    > Now is node.js the next generation of cms? Is it worth going that route ?

    node.js is not a CMS (or anything like one).

    node is a server-side implementation of JavaScript.

    > It might be worth your while reverse engineering a nice simple CMS such as KirbyCMS. From a programming perspective I’m sure it couldn’t be too difficult.

    While I wholeheartedly agree with your first sentence, the second (no offense!) made me chuckle.

    a CMS is a very complicated bit of software. Even reverse-engineering one is fairly challenging. There are lots of things to implement, and even more things to overlook. The *scope* of this sort of project is the reason there aren’t many tutorials (and even fewer “advanced” tutorials) covering it. Even more important than the actual code is how it is *designed* and how it all interacts.

    I’m not trying to discourage anyone, by any means. Studying existing software is certainly the best way to learn where you might start with your own. Just be aware that it might be a deeper subject than you imagine.

    : )


    I agree with traq, most cms are worked on for years by multiple people so building your own isn’t the best idea.

    But since studying code and excisiting software isn’t a bad idea on its own, maybe you could check:


    Alright that sounds very cool. I appreciate the explanation of things and all the advice. The main reason I want to build my own is because there are limitations of wp that I tend to hit a lot when designing my own website which becomes a big headache. I end up finding myself just fighting wordpress all the time to make it do what I want.

    What is the benefit of node.js then? I’ve seen things online of people using that?



    > Many are not. Kirby is just one example. Another very good one is Processwire. There are many other good examples.

    Kirby isn’t only being worked on by Bastian. He has had help with this if you follow him on Twitter.


    I prefer the Kirby panel in regards to usability and UI.


    > Have you actually looked at the Kirby code base?

    I have, in fact. A few months back I was trying to solve a php5.4 compatibility problem (in the markdown parser, as it turns out), and I was also looking at adapting a twitter-login class for it.

    I’ll agree that the code is simpler than some other CMSs, though the structure is not necessarily so, and I ran into a lot of parts that I thought weren’t as efficient as they could be. But that’s fine: that’s what it was designed to do.

    I also wouldn’t want to confuse *ease of use* -for end users or developers – with how simple it was to *engineer* and *build*. Yes, it’s flexible in that it allows you to tack on code pretty easily. *making it that way* (or figuring out all the tings he had to do to arrive at that point) was not a simple task.

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