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    I thought about doing this inside of the CMS board but decided its more php than just a CMS related topic. I created a big CMS project of my own and have a few people that want to use it. Instead of having to go in and install it what can I do so that after they download it there can be an install file that sets up their directories on their hosting domain and also sets up their database table structure. And also most important I want to know that say this version is just Version 1.0. I want to know how to make it if I update it and make some corrections to it that it’ll become say like 1.3 or something. And in each person that downloaded it exists a part that checks to make sure they have the updated version and if not tells them they need to download or update the newest version of my program.


    Well, I suppose one way of doing it would be to look at how other systems work like WordPress. I don’t mean copy it but study their code, understand how they do it etc.

    Obviously WordPress is only one example, there are many others out there. In fact any PHP based system with upgrade options in it would probably give you an idea.

    As for the auto database install thing you could use MySQL’s SHOW CREATE TABLE syntax to give you the SQL for re-creating the table. I.e.:

    SHOW CREATE TABLE ‘my-table’

    That would print out the structure of the table then you could use a PHP script to push that to the database. Obviously this is for MySQL.

    Hope that helps a little,




    He’s already stolen plenty of code.

    "caldera83" wrote:
    He’s already stolen plenty of code.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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