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    Frist of all, I am not programist so please be patient

    I am creating website using Adobe Muse and little bit of Edge Animate. In this program I have ability to implement a html 5 code and js in head or body, but I dont have control where exactly this code will appear. And Muse itself generate quite *****y code. I want to change the appearance of the scrollbar in the browser and make scrolling smooth and slower.

    To achive this I’m using js from this site:

    After big battle I managed to implement js, but some troubles appeared.

    The most important thing is that paralax effent – which is very important to me- does not work.

    Besides that, scrollbar is covering behind objects. (Muse assign order by themselves)

    Here is example without your js:…ania/bez_kodu/

    And here with it:…lania/z_kodem/

    The code that I’m adding to website:

    Please, help me. Have a nice day!


    I forked you pen and put the code into the appropriate places:

    (note that the plug-in appears to use the default scrollbar on narrow screens)

    I haven’t looked into what is causing you other issues, but maybe you have a z-index problem?

    If you take a look at my pen, you’ll see that the red box is on top of the scrollbar because it has a z-index of 9999.

    Perhaps the code generated by Muse is over using absolute/relative/fixed positioning?

    Maybe someone else can look into this a little deeper..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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