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    I am caught in the middle of using SVG and fonts for icons. Does variable fonts push the pendulum towards font icons?

    Font icons are easy to use, and if you don’t need deep colors, are easy to manage as well. SVG seems to have a performance issue when dealing with many, many fonts on the screen. (probably rare) But other than that, seems like an all around good choice. Multiple colors, sprite sheets (https2 may get us back to individual files again), but using an icon font is just so easy. And it “appears” to work across platforms well enough these days.

    Any thoughts on the future of css icons? It’s rare that I am unable to see far down the road, but this issue has me stuck in a rare place of indecision. So a major project has _ both _ svg and fonts icons. * sigh *

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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