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    Hi there guys, I’ve got onto:

    seems like the way to get box-shadow and linear gradients into IE (6-9),
    but I am perhaps having newbie problems…

    here is step 2:

    Step 2: Upload it

    Inside the unzipped directory, you will find a file named This is the behavior file for IE, and is what does all the magic. Upload this file to the server where you’re going to serve pages using CSS3. It doesn’t matter where exactly, as long as you know where it is.

    //* … now, is this doable through notepad++, just running it in IE, or do I have to do it through a server (would Xampp work?)

    It looks like a piece of cake (or pie, sorry, couldn’t resist!) right??

    … also step 4:

    Step 4: Apply PIE

    In that same CSS rule, add the following style line:
    behavior: url(path/to/;
    Of course you will need to adjust the path to match where you uploaded in step 2. Note: this path is relative to the HTML file being viewed, not the CSS file it is called from.

    … now I just stuck the file into the same file with all my website files for my site, so I tried: url(, and also: url(full path eg. C// documents/website/, no dice either way, my site is not on a server, I’m just doing this in notepad++…

    Any comments would be appreciated!!



    Just wanted to confirm first, you should use CSS3PIE to make linear gradients in IE9? I also want to do text-shadow and box-shadow. I cannot get the PIE to work for linear gradients in IE9… :(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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