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    I’m wondering if anyone has an example of some existing navigation out there that looks something along these lines.

    I was thinking something that uses CSS3, but the most important things are that it’s resizable, works cross-browser and easy to change the colors of. If it uses jquery that’s fine too. I took a stab at making it myself, but couldn’t quite get the “tab” look down, and it didn’t work right in versions of IE prior to 11. Even in IE11 the gradient colors looked different than they did in firefox/chrome. Any help is appreciated.


    Just do a search in

    There’s nothing particularly ‘CSS3’ about making a menu…it’s basic HTML after all.

    The styling might use some more modern properties (such as border-radius and gradients) but even those aren’t particularly ‘new’…they’ve been around for a few years now.

    As for IE looking different from Chrome / FF…that’s just a matter of different rendering engines. Sites do not have to look the exactly same in all browsers. Non-developers rarely have more than one browser in use.

    As for re-sizing, that’s a matter of responsive design….and there are various techniques for handling that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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