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    Hi all

    Completely new here, so this topic may have already been covered somewhere else.
    If so, please post me a link.
    I am interested in getting people’s expert opinion on the Google Chrome Frame addin.
    Does anyone feel this is something worth implementing as a backup for those using older IE browsers that wont support CSS3?
    I am in the design stage of a new site and it could be used by a whole variety of users, including those that are undoubtedly going to be using older IE versions.
    But…. I am in a quandary as I would really like to start utilizing features of CSS3.
    Do any of you have any recommendations for the best way? Should i simply test to make sure it degrades gracefully? (Dare i say browser detection/capability detection?) Is the safest way to simply steer clear and use tried and tested CSS?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    Also, great work in your forums, stumbled here completely by accident, I shall be returning time and time again. Great forums, superb discussions and excellent resources. Top draw to all those that contribute!



    Check out: – I use this as a basis for basically every project I start on. It attempts to make use of best practices, so you’ll pic up some good habits from there. – Used in html5boilerplate – I use this on every project I work on. Adds HTML5 element support, Media query support for old IEs and feature detection ( detect features rather than browsers ).

    #header { background: rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.5 ); }
    .no-rgba #header { background: url (images/transparent.png) repeat left top; }

    Very basic example of how you can make use of the classes modernizr adds to the HTML element to target browsers that don’t support rgba. So in the above example, CSS would be used and the image would be loaded for any browser that doesn’t support rgba. No browser detection needed. – Very cool little best practice snippets of CSS3. Also easily editable, check it out. – Adds certain CSS3 support for IE6-8, such as border-radius, box-shadow and a couple more. I don’t use this too much, but I may use it here and there. – Adds support for CSS3 selectors – I don’t usually use this.

    Note: CSS3 pie and IE7-IE9js have given me weird problems before, make sure you test them properly if you use them.

    The best way to find out what selectors to use and what browsers support them is through practice.
    I don’t support IE6 – I give the ChromeFrame option

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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