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    Hey there… I ran into a small problem here… my CSS file doesn’t validate as CSS Level 2.1, but it does validate as CSS Level 3.

    If I use the suggested link ( on my site to show the world how cool I am… well, at least to show those who are interested, that I know how to produce valid code, Jigsaw will tell the person who clicked the link, that my CSS file, in fact, does contain two errors[1].
    Is there a way to declare a CSS file als CSS Level 3? Something in the way of DOCTYPE for HTML/XHTML files?

    Well, just to let you know: I’m going to fix those errors anyway. But I’m kind of curious, wether anybody ever thought about that and has come up with a solution…

    Thanks in advance!

    [1] Those errors have to do with using "overflow-y: auto", which, according to Jigsaw, doesn’t exist in CSS 2.1.

    BTW: Anybody ever tried to validate the CSS of this forum? :)


    Funny you ask that, because Pat just answered that question for me:

    (I’m assuming you’re using Jigsaw to validate the css)

    In the querystring (in the address bar) you will see it says "profile=css21" Change that to: "profile=css3"




    So I assume, there’s no way of putting something into the document itself?


    Correct. Nothing yet.

    It really isn’t a big deal though because Search Engines and browsers don’t epic fail when they encounter a CSS error, they just skip it (unlike HTML which can hide your entire website).


    Well, I know that this problem isn’t a real problem… or at least no problem in the real world. :)


    sorry for revoking such an old topic, but I really need to find out:
    the url that validator gives me- the one with something like “&profile=css2&usermedium=all&warning=2&vextwarning=” – works like charm when I link my neat css badge to it..

    the problem is the very same url – just the url – gives me 8 errors and 12 warnings in the markup validator! while the short clean url gives no markup errors, but it’s locked to level 2.1 of CSS!

    iSchack want it to point to level 3 and I want it to point to level 2 !


    p.s: by the way iSchack. the forum CSS has 300 errors and 3 warning, clicking the referer link in this post :D


    update: manged to solve the issue after usful help from the irc “freenode/#css”.
    I used the long crappy uri with profile then used the html escape characters by converting all & into


    my markup validator liked that solution and now my css and xhtml both valid.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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