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    Kia ora!

    So i’m making this site for a youth council, as part of a school project. I’m having two major issues. One is a compatibility thing. The school’s using Internat Explorer, and so i developed my site with that. However, when i started working on the site at home using firefox, things didn’t work. Basically, only some of the css was triggerring.

    The other issue i’m having is with image maps. I have pop-up buttons going on, with hover alpha tags. However, as i wanted to use image maps for the links, i couldn’t use <a>, i had to use <img>. But that meant hover wasn’t working, which was very annoying. If you follow the link below you’ll see the "jam" tag is supposed to flip out, whilst the "projects" tag needs a image map. Any help would be MINT.


    Oh by the way the sites at

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    As ikthius said – using the validator is a really good idea to squishing them bugs, and a strict doctype is very handy too. :)

    Depending on what version of IE you are using really at school depends on how "bad" its going to be.

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    Here’s the link to the validator. It can help you with picking the bad points out and fixing them: … ne&group=0 … Fstyle.css

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