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    I am developing a rather large web application in php. The goal of the application is as follows:

    Users will sign up.
    Instantly their account will be set up on our servers, and the initial script auot-installed.
    The user will then fill in details, and be able to select one of many many templates to dictate the look/feel of their site.

    Here is where I need some opinions:

    Since every account is going to be running of of our servers, we were contemplating storing all of the templates and css files in a central location (including css, and image files). Each individual account would hit the main repository for the templates, but we would not install the huge template files again and again and again on each account.

    Template files would be here: . .

    Each new account will be something like this:

    My question is, will multiple sites calling the same image and css files, cause performance issues? On one hand, we are thinking this way will certainly reduce file space. But we are concerned that 20 or 40 sites all calling the same images or css files may affect performance.

    Any/all opinions are welcome.


    additional . .

    I would think that this type of setup will not have an impact on performance? There are certainly some very large sites out there with millions of users, all calling the same files simultaneously . . . ????

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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