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    I’m new to this forum and am a pretty inexperienced web designer so bare with me if I don’t post this right. I was taught web design through the Dreamweaver "design view" which I know now is a VERY wrong way of learning (you’d think these instructors would know this by now). So I’ve been going back learning the actual hand coding side of HTML and CSS while trying to get a handle on the W3 standards while laying out a website. Are there any other solid resources I could refer to for learning? W3 Schools is great but I feel overwelmed at times and get confused on how to combine all these things I’m learning. I just want to be able to code a website that is up to web standards and can be easily be read by fellow web developers. I appreciate any help or advice of the community here at CSS Tricks. Thank you!

    Now on to the actual problelm:

    It’s a quite simple spry navigation but I just cant seem to get it to work 100% and there are also issues when I view it in Safari. The only boxes with a second level of navigation are the first and third boxes. The second level of the menu works fine when you hover over the first box, but when you hover over the third box – the 2nd level of info just doesn’t make itself visible. I tried to set up the code correctly while keeping it clean and simple… yet I still have a problem. I tried searching the web for pre-existing answers, but failed miserably. Would anyone be able to enlighten me on what I’ve done wrong here?

    Also when viewed in Safari the entire box is smaller and there is no border that helps define the boxes – any ideas on this? maybe just a compatibility issue? I wasn’t able to find information to solve this issue either.

    I haven’t added many styles or anything yet because I wanted to make sure I had the functionality set first. I greatly appreciate anyone that would be willing to take the time to help me.

    Here’s a live link:

    Here’s the code:



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Thanks so much Apostrophe, I can’t believe I missed that. The W3 Validator is a great tool, I appreciate you sharing that with me. Do you happen to know what is going on in Safari? When viewed in that browser the size of the entire box is smaller and the border’s don’t show up for some reason.

Again, thanks for all the help!


Hmm I thought the 1px option looked thicker in Firefox, but that makes sense with Safari. Thanks again for the help!


The way I have come to learn web design with HTML and CSS is by breaking down other people’s work while learning new practices.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)