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    I’ve been using CSS Reset stylesheets for a while now, I think its great and it really helps make my websites more cross-browser compatible.
    But there is one thing that I think is really annoying. Everytime I make a new site I have to redefine the standard values like the bottom margin on P and H tags, or add margin and list-style-type to make it look like a list again. And I always find myself

    I know The Reset stylesheets reset all this because all the different browsers use different default values. But isn’t there some kind of CSS file that you can add after the Reset CSS file that gives standard values to all these tags that really need it in order zo work properly, and this way all those values will still be the same in every browser.

    So I was just wondering if a file like that is floating around on the web, I think this would be a nice little timesaver. Or maybe I’m just lazy..



    Everyone’s values are different though. You might consider having a different bottom margin than me on a paragraph.

    What you should set up is a "CSS Template". Include a reset at the top, and then the standard structure below that you always use, just don’t put any values in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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