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    I am having trouble to position an element.
    I have written some code on codepen to show you what exactly i want to achieve.
    Here is the link [dummy code](”)

    I have created div called wrapper, which is the outer most div with 100% width and height.

    Everything, header content and footer in inside another div called inner-wrap.

    I want my footer background to take 100% width of browser.
    As everything is the the div called inner-wrap which has width of 960px. I created a div called footer-back outside the wrap div (inside the wrapper) and gave it absolute positioning, width of 100%. As the wrapper also have 100% width of browser so footer-back will also have the same.

    But the problem is, if you add more text in the content section then the footer-back will not match the footer background because footer-back is positioned inside the wrapper not the footer.

    In short I want footer background to have 100% of browser window. I tried everything i know but couldn’t achieve what i want. Any ideas?
    Many Thanks


    I guess this is what you are after….

    Based on what I can read from your comments, you really don’t need the ‘wrapper’ div at all. It’s just the page which is automatically 100% wide.


    @Paulie_D Thanks mate… that’s exactly what i was looking for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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