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    Here is my attempt so far…I got pretty far but I am running accross a couple of issues and hopefully I (you) can get them resolved (with all the wisdom there is on this board!!!).

    Issue #1 Is it possible to put the thumbnail images in a separate div (framecontentRight) and have that section able to scroll but the remainder of the page to stay stationary?

    Issue #2 It looks like I have some compatability issues. When this page is viewed in IE 6.0 the background image in the #content div does not show up. When viewed in Firefox 3.0.5 (portable apps version) the thumbnail images don’t show up.

    Issue #3 I cant figure out where I need to change the background color for the DIVs. I want all the background to be black but the few places I was able to change the background it covered everyting else. ie. the thumbnails were no longer vivible and able to be selected.I have heard of layers but is that like Photoshop and I need to set the layer level? If so, How??? The background will need to be changed in the DIV for Content and the div behind??? also the background for the images when they pop up.

    Now I am so close…I will am sure I will have a few more questions and I am sure I will have to manipulate the images in sizing and resolution to decrease the file size.

    THANKS so much for all your help!
    here is the link;


    Well I have gotten a lot closer…the only issues (so far) is the quirk with IE not showing the background image and the main thing is that I want the thumbnails in a separate DIV so that whne you scroll the main page does not scrool too. Any ideas?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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