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    Hello Members

    I am having problem with displaying adsense banner at right side of my jommla template with out module help as module take too much space. There is command in my style.css file (#colmask { clear:both; overflow:hidden; position:initial;width:100%;}) and it is creating an ash color mask so any adsense banner or image I try to put at right side is not fully displayed.

    Is there any css code by which I can display adsense banner in over flow hidden area??

    Please click here to visit my joomla site –


    Sounds like a template issue…not strictly a CSS one.


    Am I correct in thinking the problem you’re having is that the AdSense iframe is slightly too big for the “Banners” box?

    I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to hide any portion of the ad (even 2 pixels) because it violates your advertising contract with Google and if they notice you hiding any portion they won’t pay you.

    The proper way to solve this would be to rewrite the sidebar’s CSS to have larger boxes so you could fit this in. Maybe you could mess around with margin-left: -2px on the iframe as a quick hack so it at least look sorta centred?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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