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    Hi there,

    First of al im new here so please send me in de right direction if im posting it on the wrong place.

    Im trying to fix some weird coding of a person that helped me out a while ago. but now i run i to some problems that i want to fix but cant accomplish cause my lack of skills.

    I have a opencart webshop that im building and on the product page the options are opening in a popup window. so when a popup is opened and an option is chosen, it ads an #popup-(id of product) at the of the url.
    and if im going back, the url is step by step taking me thru all those popups i opened on the page.

    The person that wrote this piece has used a fully css modal popup tutorial to implement this in a vqmod extension.

    i want that if i press the back button in the browser that it goes back to where the visitor came from not that it step by step goes thru al the popups i opened.

    Is this possible and how can i fix this?
    Please help me :D
    here is the brilliantly coded piece of art.

    Thank you.


    TBH…I’m not sure this is a CSS issue…but we’ll see.



    Im not sure of it to but il hope if im wrong someone places this topic to the right place.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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