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    Hi there i developed this website using firefox to test it ( how stupid of me ). And i assumed everything was fine, however when i view the website in IE there is a problem with some of the page displaying properly. I am no expert in CSS or in PHP so i have no idea whats causing the problem. The only thing i know is that the problem lies on pages that are PHP pages.

    The wierd thing is that it is a different problem in each of the two pages affected.

    the website link is :

    The pages with the problems are the Registration page, and also this page : … tracts.php

    Here is the css file : … efault.css

    If anyone would be able to help me i would be grateful as this site has just went live after me telling my boss that everything was fine with it . Thank You.


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    when i look at the source of your page, I find this

    <td width="485" scope="col"><div align="center"></div></td>

    Just after <div align="center"> It looks like the end of a table but there is no beginning (or i don’t see it)
    Maybe something went wrong with copy-paste

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