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    Hi all,

    I built my first website about a year and half ago. It’s a Joomla based site built on a 3rd party template that I’ve heavily edited the CSS.

    I’ve fixed the majority of CSS errors that have sprung up but have never quite managed to get the site to render correctly on iPad or iPhone.

    The domain is and using you can see that there are problems with the background rendering on the right hand side, as the white background stops and a grey box appears (presumably where the background isn’t correctly rendering). This appears to happens in the header and the footer.

    I’ve been using Firebug to correct CSS errors in desktop browsers but I’m unsure how to resolve them on these platforms. I had been living with it for a while but more and more of our target audience visit using these platforms so have decided it’s time to resolve it!

    If anyone can point in the right direction of a) how to troubleshoot CSS errors on these platforms and b) any thoughts on the specific causes of the background failing to render on these platforms, would be much appreciated!


    P.S. I’m also having an issue with the horizontal menu width in mobile – which flows over to two lines despite having set a dynamic width. Any thoughts on this also welcome, albeit may start up a separate thread for this!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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