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    Normally I am pretty good at figuring stuff like this out but after a week I have to cry uncle. I am working on a project at A little background was originally upon a drupal theme called St Conch. That seemed to work across all browsers when I tested it 8 mos ago. I left this project to somebody else continued work on it as I was occupied on another job. When I came back the site was not working in IE < 9 I have done some adjustments but there is one that is defeating me. The page footer jump up to the level of the slide show and there is a go green logo that is repositioning. This works fine in Firefox and IE9. Every thing I have tried has thus far not worked. The slide show seems to be the problem. This was identified by removing elements till things started to look correct. There was a slideshow in the original theme so I have not a clue what he did to break it. It is important that this get fixed as soon as possible as the other person had already gone live. If I could find the problem I know which files to go to to fix it but I need to know what to fix.



    I’ve noticed two things. 1) your have a JavaScript error in < IE8. This error is probably causing an issue with your HTML5 elements. You have HTML5 elements like

    IE7 + IE8 do not support HTML5 tags. Your JavaScript may be trying to create those elements for you but due to the JS error they cannot. Fix your JavaScript errors. If the site still looks bad after you fix your JS errors, its because you need to create the HTML5 elements on the page in JavaScript.

    Example is on this site:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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