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CSS injection to WordPress site loses all styles

  • # September 25, 2012 at 9:18 am

    I’ve just started preprocessing CSS, using Coda, Codekit, and MAMP. It all works pretty well except when Codekit tries to ‘inject’ a CSS change into my WordPress theme. Thats when my screen re-draws and I get a page free of all CSS styles. When I manually reload the page the site looks correct, and shows my changes.

    In the [Incident57 help page]( “Incident 57 help page”) Bryan Jones does give some tips for browser re-loading issues: first restart Codekit and the browser (didn’t help), and second look for:

    any scripts that manipulate the contents of the HEAD element (such as scripts that dynamically load other CSS files into the page), they might be conflicting with the way CodeKit injects changes.

    Well WordPress has _lots_ of stuff in the head, like the wp_head template hook, which is essential, and loads the most of the CSS, Javascript, etc. So, how to get the CSS injection to work properly with WordPress.. anyone?

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