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    So I have a css file with all the @font-face blocks in it to keep them in one place and transfer them to save space. Anyhow, im trying to use @import to put it into other css files so I can access the fonts from within. Only problem is – you guessed it – its not working. Im assuming either @import was never intended for this kind of thing or im using it wrong, either way any help is appreciated.

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    Let’s call your @font-face file fonts.css.

    Let’s call your importer file style.css.

    To be clear, if you copy/paste the code in fonts.css into style.css everything works.

    But if you have a line instead of the code in style.css saying:

    @import url(‘fonts.css’);

    It doesn’t work?

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    Fixed now – spelling error – had me going for ages

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