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    A time ago Chris wrote about replacing H1-tags with images by using css. But one question that remained with me is: how does Google react on things like that? I mean isn’t it the same thing like putting all kind of content to your site and replace it by images so the visitors will see something else then the search-robot? And that sounds like cloacking, which is not allowed of course… Is there somebody who knows more about this?

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    I have just included my vague reasoning on this very topic in your h1 thread lol – funny how everything is ultimately related.

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    Another thing about the css-replacement. Chris wrote an article about the differtent techniques and here is another article from somebody else, but it’s still not clear which technique is the best. Or isn’t there ‘one best way’? In that case: what is your favorite way to do it? And -important- why? ;)

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