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    Hello, I am a novice at CSS, I’m only doing this as a part of a class project where we have to modify a CSS html template and create a customized page.

    I am using this template here:

    and on the Inner.html page, I can’t find the code that corresponds to the image. What I have discovered is that in inner.html, the image is controlled by the section class “top”:
    but if I delete everything in this section and just leave:

    <section class=”top”>
    </section><!– end top –>

    The image remains. It is only when I delete the rest that it disappears.

    In main.css, I have tracked the image down to, appropriately:
    /* Inner Page */

    and in particular a line which reads:

    background: url(‘../img/hero_image.jpg’) no-repeat;
    (line 354)

    Obviously this is dictating the background image but I can’t figure out how to change it for each individual page that I make of this style.

    ***Important: I need to be able to change it for each individual page I create of that style, not have one main CSS code dictate the same image for all of these pages.

    Can anyone help?


    Never mind (simultaneous post)…


    Hmm, okay, I think I might understand, but can you show me? I really am quite green at this. :”)

    I am planning on having several different pages of the same type: as you see here, each of these thumbnails goes to a different identical page, which I am planning on customizing according to the content of that thumbnail:

    so I would give them all separate ID’s and list them all in the main.css style sheet? I am really quite ignorant at this, I have never used CSS before last week and it’s basically limited to what I can deduce myself from trial and error, which can only get a person so far. Can you show me in a bit of detail if it’s not too much?

    Thank you for responding!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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