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    Hello all. I am a CSS newbie so apologies in advance. I found a cool template I was attempting to use instead of my old site, and I just ended up messing everything up. The thing is – it looks great in DreamWeaver, and in the DW previews, but when I dragged a page across my FTP as a test and uploaded the CSS, everything went downhill fast.

    I can get images to display in DW and previews, but not on my site. I had this issue before with my old CSS not showing photos as well, but I can’t remember how it started working. I am grateful for any help and glad to share any snips of code you may need. My site is really a big mess right now from A – me not knowing what I am doing, and B – me uploading things even though it wasn’t ready.

    A URL that can hopefully give some insight is (note the extra "x"). This is the page that looked great in DW but I didn’t replace my index because I was afraid. Now nothing looks right and I have no images.

    Thanks in advance – I appreciate your time and any help!!



    For your logo, the source has

    Dances With Words, LLC

    The "../" says to go up a level in the folder structure. Since the img folder is below the folder the page is in, you want to remove the "../"

    In the CSS, there are quite a few references like

    background: url(img/img04.jpg) no-repeat;

    but if I try to view those images, the links are broken. Use Dreamweaver’s remote view to make sure you uploaded the template’s graphics. (Or, just click on your img folder in Dreamweaver and then click on the upload arrow to upload all the graphics in that folder.)


    Hi Pixlor,
    Thanks for the fast reply. I tried DW’s remote view as you suggested and double checked my images – they are located simply in the "img" folder on my ftp, which I believe lines up with the CSS. I created that folder when the "images" folder was not working (both folders have a copy of all the images), but apparently it did not solve the problem.

    I removed the ../ but I still have no images on the site. Is there anything that would cause the images simply not to display, other than occasionally the cache? I don’t really know much about css and html interaction, but I believe my code is now correct. I am stumped.

    I really appreciate your help and time in looking at this. If you have any other suggestions, I am all ears.

    Thanks again!


    Just added an image for additional background…
    I’ve got some more work to do on the logo and the site in general, but this is where things should be at this point if working…


    I tried looking at some of the linked images in the page and randomly got a 403-forbidden error on each one…I did manage for a brief moment to see the page as intended.

    It seems that you have an htaccess file in that folder, as I tried to browse to one and also got a 403-forbidden. It occurs to me that you’re using a DENY directive to protect the folder from browsing but what that’ll do is DENY everyone from viewing ANYTHING in the folder including the images. Instead, keep the DENY for JUST the htaccess file and use Options -Indexes to keep people from seeing a list of all your images in the folder.

    I might be just pulling this out of ‘FM’ and this isn’t the case but it seems like a reasonable assumption based on my observations.

    Side note:
    Also if anyone is using Skype’s Fx3.5 extension I recommend removing it because it was causing a weird JavaScript injection problem for me, which also prevented me from seeing images. (They would show up as an html page when they did load with a few javascript files embeedded by Skype).


    Hi KaizenNeko,
    Thanks so much for taking a look. What you say makes sense, as I’ve had problems with the images displaying before. A friend helped me set the site up with a CSS template a while back from my previously hard-coded version that I made myself. I would love to look into the "deny" issue but I have to be honest and tell you I am not very technical and not very savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff. How would I go about finding out how it is set up? I tried to open the htaccess file but it looked blank. I think changing the setting would have a good shot at fixing it, as I am sure I have my images correctly loaded via ftp.

    Thanks again for your help!


    OK So I cheated and uploaded my images to my other Web site’s image folder via FTP and they did display for a little while but now they don’t again. I figured it was a good workaround in the meantime just to get my Web site to be functional for the time being.

    I am still really looking forward to hearing from you if you have advice on how I can fix what is wrong with the permissions or directives. I just can’t seem to find a way to open the htaccess file – when I do, the entire thing is blank.

    Thanks again for the help!


    Do you know how I would fix this in Cpanel or otherwise? My htaccess file shows as blank and I honestly have very little tech savvy when it comes to this stuff. Do you know what code I would need to use, or how I would need to update this according to your suggestion?


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