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    So far I’ve learned a ton and made designing a lot easier using Firebug for FF2/FF3. I recently went over a few pages in my portfolio and found where CSS can remove tables and I made changes on the fly using Firebug. I ran into an issue with the ever so irritating IE 7. Are there any programs remotely similar to Firebug that I can use to edit IE without a huge learning curve?

    For example:

    Looks great in FF. But some positioning in my IE 7 CSS has this way off in my content div. Yet I cannot figure out for the life of me which one it is. Which is why I am looking for a good IE on the fly editor without the huge learning curve.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    I’ve never used it but Internet Explorer Tools is supposed to be the IE version of Firebug.

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    I don’t hve any tools for IE, just Firebug for FF, it would be nice to

    default browser tag values must vary quite a bit, I looked a one of my pages and
    it looks very different in FF (spacing wise) than in IE. I guess that is the point of
    CSS resets, they do help to eliminate the differences between browsers. I have
    no idea how to find the default browser tag values for IE but for FF, look for the
    html.css file in the res foolder in Mozilla Firefox in Program Files, a lot of values
    are specified in this. these default values can make a big difference between the

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    Thanks for the tips guys! I ended up using the IE developer toolbar. It isn’t as snazzy as Firebug but it helped me solve my problem. I ended up making that div content-holder background transparent and it did the trick.

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    When trying to iron out browser issues, its good to begin by checking your sites validation with the w3c online validator. The page you posted has many errors and significantly is lacks a doctype declaration at the top of the document. This makes it effectively a document without a declared document type. You have a lot of white space and a rogue style element that should be removed. Adding a strict doctype at the very top of your file ( either html4.01 or xhtml 1.0 ) will fix many errors and make identifying subsequent errors much easier.
    Have a look at your page at W3C Validator

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    I’m not sure where to start with this due my weakness in the DOCTYPE area. I usually would let Dreamweaver decide the validation. Any suggestions for a Cold Fusion/CSS page?

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