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    Client has suddenly asked for the site to be iPad compatible … I figured no big deal, iPad has a grown up browser, if it works in Safari it works on iPad … whoops. You can’t hover on an iPad, so my drop downs aren’t showing up. Is there a quick to moderately quick fix for this? Or should I just build another header with a different menu system and throw it up on or something?


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    I’m wondering if you can make it work using javascript.

    For example, go to on your ipad or iphone – If you look at the 4 blocks of “other woots” on the right, they have a hover status that shows a little text bubble of what the item is.

    On the ipad/iphone, when you tap any of those links, instead of just going there, the first tap brings up that more info bubble. A second tap follows the link.

    Could one do something similar on purpose using a javascript based rollover drop down? I’m definitely no expert in javascript so this is just me thinking out loud :)

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    hovers for normal browsers. clicks for mobile devices.

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    Soap — could you elaborate on what you just said? I don’t think I’ve ever used clicks? like a:click {}?

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    Hmmm, not working at all?

    On my iPhone if I click on a menu that has a drop down, it’ll show me the drop down and then I have to click again for my page choice.

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    alternatively you can use :focus

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    JHL & Soap. I’m new to CSS could you elaborate on what you mean when you say click and focus? I don’t have the strongest understanding of all variables just yet :/

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    They mean that Mobile Safari translates the drop down menu’s hover to work with a click. Meaning that when you are using Mobile Safari you press once on the drop down for it to open, and then again on your selection.

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    Check out Stu has developed a lot of css only menus for mobile and ipad browsers.

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    this above link goto ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND

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    Could someone clarify: does this mean the drop-menu will NOT work in Safari mobile, or only that its slightly more cumbersome?

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    A hover drop down won’t work (because there is no hover) however, the way I’ve had success with menus is converting them into full on drop downs.

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    Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I have a drop down menu that displays the submenu on hover of a parent element.
    I use jquery to disable default behavior so that on click of the parent element the submenu is shown. But now I want on the second click the default behavior to be enabled again. Anyone any ideas. This is the code I use to prevent default behavior:


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    Here is the simplest solution I found. Adding the following line inside to your span, li or anchor causes the iPad to behave like safari on mac and onclick open the dropdown

    onClick=”return true”

    So on tap, the dropdown opens on iPad.

    See it in action here –

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