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  • # October 30, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Hi I am new here, this is my first post. I have just created a website: if you take a look I have created a drop down list when you roll over to the link ‘Service’ you get a drop down menu. However when you scroll to the list items ‘Commerical’, ‘Domestic’, and ‘Industrial’ the link Service reverts back to the red background. How do I make it so that it keeps the grey background? And working in IE 6 as well?

    There is also an IE Bug because on the selected style the link is suppose to have a darker red background:

    div.sidebarmenu ul li.selected a {
    background:#790000 url(../images/nav-li-selected-a-background.jpg) repeat-x scroll center top;

    but in IE6 the selected style doesn’t seem to be working, and I dont know why. Does anyone know how do I force the selected background to show up in IE6?

    Also there seems to be some extra margin or padding, in Firefox 3 the navigation seems to be fine the navigation lines up with the banner next to it. But in Safari, Opera and IE the navigation seems to pushed down a little bit. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Much help is appricated, I am not good with navigation or javascript or browser bugs. Hope you can help.

    Thank you

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