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    Big Sanch

    Hi there

    I didnt found any solution couse Im not sure what to search, so Im asking here now

    Is it possible to integrate defined classes in other ones? As example:
    (I know, its not possible like that its only an visual example)

    Lets assume this has been defined

     /* defined styles */

    Lets assume this comes later in this stylesheet

          /* Lets assume I need now border radius */
          /* need to write for each selector new? */
          /* or is there something like: */
          @import(.r5) or get(.r5)

    Is it necessary to write everythin new for each style?
    Hope you can help

    Thanks to all


    Hi Big Sanch,
    #box can also have a class, like this:

    <div id='box' class='r5'>

    I hope this helps.

    Big Sanch


    @ Pogany

    Thx for the answer, but this doesn answer my question.
    I know how to give Objects multible classes.
    My question was if its possible to combine slasses with existing ones.


    No…it’s not.

    Not in the terms you have stated

    Selectors are specific…heck that’s why we have specificity problems.

    #box applies to all (well the one) elements with an ID of box

    #box.r5 applies to all (well the one) elements with an ID of box which also has a class of r5.

    That’s not to say there aren’t some clever things you can do with a CSS pre-processor but, in the end, they still churn out the same CSS as though you’d written it yourself.

    CSS Custom Properties (or CSS Variables) might be a solution though….

    Big Sanch


    @ Paulie_D

    Thx for answer. Now I understand.
    I only thougt it would make work easier when somethig like this would be possible.

    Have a nice day


    Hi, I have exactly the problem I have not encountered, or I did not have a clear explanation at all.


    My earlier post is not visible for some reason. I explained something. Anyway, take a look at this link. This might help a little.

    Big Sanch


    @ Mamun

    Thx for answer. This with :root Paulie_D had explained too. This is not exactly what I wantetd, but its not a problem.
    It was only the question if its possible or not.
    root is very good for single entries. But if i define mayby:

    .paper { font-family:paper; font-size 16; font-weight:normal;}
    .times { font-family:times; font-size 12; font-weight:bold;}

    I tried to find a solution not to write it again so i can use something like:

    .box {

    And this post and other posts Ive written tells its not possible.

    But thank you for the answers


    Oh haha. It’s possible only on SASS or LESS.
    I thought you needed the whole definition of .paper inside .box. You can’t write .paper directly inside .box but you can write:

    .paper, .box {
    /* definition */

    Anyway, thanks a lot.

    Big Sanch


    @ Mamun

    Thx for answer.
    Like I looked for the moment, LESS is what I want. Thats working with that what I want to use.
    Thank you very much.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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