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    Is it possible to implement CSS into blogger that will change the highlighted color? I had to go through each blog post and manually adjust the color for neon green to blue. Is it possible to implement a css solution for the entire blog? Example:

    I already know in advance that WordPress kicks Bloggers butt. I agree, but I’ve been using blogger for 5 years almost and I don’t want to switch over b/c of losing google rankings.

    Thanks for the help!


    Isn’t there an option in the Template – Advanced settings to change font colors for various text elements when you log in to Blogger?

    There is in mine.


    Yes however, I manually changed the color on several words over 100+ posts.


    I manually changed the color on several words over 100+ posts.

    My guess is that you added the font-color using inline CSS…a quick inspection using Develper Tools would seem to indicate that.

    That being the case you would have to go back in and change them manually again.

    Inline CSS will normally win any specificity battle. This is why it’s much more practical to use classes.


    The only think I can think of is to use JS somehow to cycle through all the posts on a one-time basis and swap out the specific HTML for an alternative.

    Say, find this:


    and replace it with


    The you can just create a highlight class which defines the color in the Template.

    Unfortunately, that’s WAAAY beyond my skills.

    Perhaps you might try asking the the JS section?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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