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    I’m designing on a Mac. I’m having an alignment issue in my header file in Windows Internet Explorer with my PayPal button. It’s code I got from the PayPal site. (It’s not a PayPal plugin) It’s lower than it should be, which pushes the other elements in the header below it further down. I’m not positive if this a CSS issue or PHP. This is what I have done –

    I tried the structure of the header.php file numerous ways, this is the one that seemed to work best. It’s perfect in Firefox (wish everyone used this browser only). I have also made zillions of attempts with the CSS of the elements within the header. I knew that having negative margins would haunt me and now it is. I am wondering it I just didn’t code these other elements the best way.

    here’s my site:

    here’s my css: … /style.css



    I would greatly appreciate ANY help. ALSO, I did validate this and the 4 errors that come up don’t SEEM like that have anything to do with this, but I also do not know how to fix or get to the code for those errors ;)



    i think it’s bad code. There is no way to get it to be perfect. Not that I can see at 12 am anyway. You have the text below the button in the white box positioned by padding which is dependent on the position of the button. This is not the best way to lay out the page. Maybe someone else will find a sollution. I gave it 10 min and couldn’t find one

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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