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    I ran across this and found it hilarious.
    A CSS Onclick Event Crash Course

    I hope even the name makes everyone here do a double take. At first, I thought some new proposal had been added to CSS. Then, I read on with horror.

    There is so much bad information out there. This goes beyond that though. It’s like they want to spread misinformation.


    Udemy is a little weird. Read any article of theirs about this language vs. that language. They are rife with misconceptions and absolute statements like “This language is ALWAYS better for blah blah blah.”

    What’s crazy is… this was written THIS YEAR! Wasn’t onclick deprecated like circa 2010?

    It’s sort of the same deal with W3 Schools. They have all kinds of documentation on in-line styling.

    Although… SASS/SCSS are really bad ass and can handle a lot of logic as it pertains to styling. But then again… it’s really abstracted Ruby.


    There is so much bad information out there

    there, and everywhere.

    Webmasters Pride

    I believe it is a programing language.


    I believe it is a programing language.

    Definitely not. Plain CSS handles nothing but styling… which I would never call “programming.”


    It’s just an instruction set.

    No data structures, flow control, logical abstractions, i/o, algorithmic expression… not even basic math. It is independently useless.

    In any case, the “joke” here is that the author of that article was confusing which parts of their example were CSS and which were JavaScript (which is a programming language, and a surprisingly awesome one at that).

    BTW, congrats on all the spam keywords in your profile.


    Ha ha ha ha ha. That profile is almost funnier than the article the OP posted.

    which is a programming language, and a surprisingly awesome one at that

    It’s quirky… but fun.

    And can you blame the author for not knowing what is what? He/she using onclick in the markup and no doubt in-line styles on other projects. That’s the first problem right there. How do you keep it all straight when you’re not separating markup, styles and logic?


    BTW @webmasterspride,

    I have a few thoughts about your whole approach:

    You create a spam-laden profile on every forum that will let you. Then, you make meaningless and simple comments on random threads. Then, you create a nonsense blogspot with more spam. You do the same for Facebook. And LinkedIn. And about 12 other services.

    Two things:

    1. No one really says “webmaster” anymore. The name alone betrays you by telling anyone who actually codes that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    2. You aren’t effective. What you’re doing is just a meaningless blip of noise in a cacophony of chaos. I suggest you re-think your approach as quality content is literally all that matters.

    There is an excellent blog called Ribbon Farm. It’s more or less a collection of pieces that refer to economics, human dynamics and reality hacks.

    There is an article about attention mining… I suggest you read it.

    Now, don’t get me wrong… you have EVERY RIGHT to build and brand and market your service. You also have the privilege of to contributing to these forums. But please, make your interactions meaningful.


    a few thoughts about your whole approach…

    — I would simply suggest making substantive, meaningful, helpful posts. Being a real person and helping out others will go much further towards building your brand. It takes a bit more time and effort, but yields much greater rewards (and, IME, often turns out to be an enjoyable process).


    CSS is THE programming language.

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