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    how do you test your sites? I have been using I.E tester for earlier versions of I.E, but on my latest site, It is giving me mixed results that don’t match the full versions of I.E that I am running. So I am thinking that I can not trust it. So what do you recommend for testing purposes?

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    I use IE 8 and its IE 7 compatibility. For IE6 I just add the IE8.js and make sure any PNG that are transparent are named correctly, and leave it at that. :)

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    do you have a link for this

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    :) I think there is enough info to explain itself there :)

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    I’ve got an old version of DW that gets a very annoying bug when you upgrade to IE8,so I’m keeping with my multiple IEs to check in IE7 and IE6. I have IE8 on another computer that I will check sites in.

    I also have Chrome, Opera and Safari also installed on this PC.

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    I have firefox, opera, chrome, safari, and I.E tester on my machine. The I.E tester was giving me some weird results that didn’t match the standalone I.E 8 that I am running. So I thought there has got to be a better way. I can not believe that in 2009 we still have to do this crap. when are they going to make 1 standard?

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    "cybershot" wrote:
    when are they going to make 1 standard?

    I think there already is a standard. The question is when will "everyone" follow it.

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    Ashton is right, there is one standard for everyone to follow – W3 sorted that out. BUT – The issue isnt really that, IE6 was made before the w3 set a standard, the problem with IE6 isn’t the guys who coded it, but the fact that MS did not auto update the browser when IE7 came out. People are just using IE6 oblivious to the fact that there are 1)newer versions and 2)Other browsers.

    When people see the browser they just think its the internet, not some software that renders the code for them.


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