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    I’m trying to write up a few little tutorials/snippets for my website and I realized that the vast majority of people like to have the full source code handy to use as a reference, which lead me to making these little previews with further context on Codepen and just wanted to get some critique on how I could possibly improve/alter the design. Also, I have various content writers for my blog hence the ‘By author’ etc…

    Anyway, here’s the first pen I created to show functionality of a simple pure css dropdown menu tutorial.



    Looks pretty snazzy! You made the front page too i see, good job. I don’t see any issues with the drop down. Only thing is that it breaks when you get down to a small resolution (one that you’d find on a mobile phone), but that’s not really part of the pens intended use


    I really like it! Looks clean and works well.

    The only issue I see (and I imagine this is already something you have though of) is it not being responsive. When I change to mobile the navigation bar ends up stacking, meaning that when I open up a dropdown, the dropdown ends up going behind the other list items.

    Like I say, other that it’s great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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