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    I’ve redesigned website completely in a whole new perspective and wanted to see if any of the great minds over here at CSS-Tricks could give me a few tips on how I can better the current draft.

    **Here’s a preview of the design: []( “Preview of TrendGFX Design Studios Redesign”)**

    I haven’t coded the website yet, but I plan on having the whole site single paged, responsive to higher and lower resolutions and having the background color change as the page changes. Each page has it’s own color and is synchronized to the color on the navigation panel.

    I’ll be making use of modern CSS3 (didn’t feel like using a pre-processor like LESS or SASS for this one, but I might try it if it is really worth it!) and HTML5 (will be using the flexible box module to center many elements). Of course, I’m planning to support older browsers as well, so I know my journey is a long way down the road! :)

    I just wanted an opinion on the design before I started anything =) Hopefully, the great minds of CSS-Tricks have some knowledge that they can pass on to me :)

    **Thank you to all the people who took the time to read my humble request =)**


    I like it. Very slick and modern.


    @MBM Thank you very much, that was pretty much what I was aiming for! :)


    I too like the look of it, and have a couple of minor comments.

    First of all, in the text of Why Us > Efficient Websites > “The websites that…” The use of the serif roman font seems a bit uninteresting compared to the other font used on the page. Might there be a font that would be more exciting and that yet wouldn’t clash with the main font? Perhaps an italic of the same or a similar face? Perhaps the same font as the main font but in a different color, the smaller size and tighter line spacing providing the difference?

    Next, it would be nice if that paragraph fit better with the menu items on the left, maybe if you included a background color, thus creating a box around the text, that would be of the same height as the menu? You could add a little padding to center the text in the box. The content of each menu item would need to fit within that box for this to work.

    Another thing I would consider would be raising slightly the menu on the left edge of the screen. It looks to be exactly at 50% height and thus optically seems too low on the page. Play with different heights. 45%-48% from the top will still give the impression of being centered but won’t appear to be “too low.”

    Finally, might it work if you dropped the logo in the upper left hand corner to align either with the top of “WELCOME” or to appear in the vertical center of that word? That might be nice, too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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