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    I’m trying to achieve a clean and simple look that is easy to go through but very modern at the same time.
    I feel like I have too much going on but I’m not sure what I can do to make it flow/look better. Any ideas? Things that pop out at you, don’t like or like?


    I think it looks pretty good. although its never good to add too much of one thing. There are too many colored tabs on the site and in random places. A bit more emptiness and space would give it a clean look. So try uncluttering the site a bit more. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff.


    Is there a chance you have an example so I could see what you have in mind?


    Hey man, you’re almost there I agree with Jarolin. IMHO I would remove the color backgrounds on the titles they look like tags or actionable elements and compete with other things on the page also maybe remove the green on the x’s next to the titles as well. The x’s on the left have a 3d effect that no other buttons do I would kill that and just make them flat. Add some more padding around the text and there containers. Also the list elements are nested more than they need to be adding additional lines and visual noise. Even though the are draggable elements perhaps you can make them look more like a twitter feed list and expose the borders only on hover or mouse down. Theres a few things hope that helps! Good work though man you are on the right track! Love the colors you chose as well!



    in my honest opinion, it is a good looking side. You might want to darker the bright colors. For an example, search for the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 or Azure Web Interface.


    @jeffPowers I absolutely see what you’re talking about, today all I’m doing now that most of the function is down is getting this production ready. That on hover show light borders == smart


    Exactly the sort of feel I’m going for:
    I actually have a dribbble bucket going of similar looking design:

    ty for that feedback! I’ll post updated pics soon using your feedback.


    Hey just wanted to update with some progress
    A lot less visual distractions and now that a lot of the function is wrapping up I can add some better styling to it.




    Hey Michael,

    The layout looks pretty good but I’m not a fan of the green. I would stick with either a monochromatic color scheme of blue and use different shades of blue to replace the green, or MAYBE try an orange color…

    Another thing that I’m crazy about are the rounded corners on the sidebar links. I think consistency would establish a better flow to the overall design, so just angled corners or just rounded.

    Finally… you have some spacing issues that should be addressed…

    On the left sidebar: Michael Calkins should be spaced the same as Michael Calkins in Contacts (Middle Column)…

    Browse Group: Links should have a little more breathing room (Line height)

    When spacing elements think constancy.

    Nice work though.


    MJC if this interface is for administrative purposes (intranet) I like it a lot.
    If it is for the internet and it is to build and manage a client base then I would like to see images of smiling faces.

    I would keep the color green in the body and out of the header

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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