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    More specifically, the entire process is summed up here:

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    thats not even that bad! thanks man!

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    I like your menu and the subtle hover overs that it incorporates.

    What I first noticed was that I watched the background load as it progressively opened down my screen but I know this was already mentioned. I think for me making it responsive would be a good idea.

    Great job.

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    Hey Attila,
    Is that your real name?
    The first thing I noticed is that the website opens with a grey background and after 2-4 seconds the image loads up. That should be fixed.

    I started my website building career as an SEO person who realized that a website with perfect on-page SEO is a lot easier to rank.

    So, I briefly checked out the source code for your site. The first thing I noticed was:

    (re)design niagara | Home

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    Yes it is my real name, and thank you, i will try to update that as soon as possible thank you very much!

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    The background is extremely heavy. I think you should consider something tileable, which you will find for free at

    Also, you might want to think carefuly about you font choice because right now it doesn’t look professional. One font for headings, other for the body copy (since you want to use more than one).

    You should’t offer a way out of your site immediately, you are sending traffic to WordPress above the fold.

    Add a bit less image in the background and a lot more in the site, you should swap those tiny pics for much more appealing ones.

    Hope you find it helpful :)

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