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    Im still working on new site and would like some opinions on it. I know that i need to fix footer. header(logo) as well as sidebar stuff.

    Positive criticism please.

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    thats not bad ! You can take a look for an other typo on . You can remove the right border of contact and i’m not that sure that the gray block for affiliates and twitter really match with the rest of your website ! great job ! have fun !

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    Looks like a legit website. Although the negative feedback are the ones that help you the most even if they make you feel bad. Hey here is a heads up, I’m pretty sure that background is owned by apple, i would consider changing it. It looks like a pretty good website if you ask me. Would you mind giving some feedback for my website? it’s still under development. –>[My Website]( “website”)

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    @maxisic i appreciate that thank you ill really consider changing that color thanks.

    @Jarolin. I totally forgot that i used that! thank you. and the reason i asked for positive criticism is i just didn’t want people just putting me down,. of course i would love to become a better designer/developer, i just don’t want to hear “it looks like S***”. do you know what i mean? anyways i took a look at your site too and I Love how the colors change, and the colors are solid! i love it. personally i would like it if the side boxes would be in sync with nav bar color change

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    @attilahajzer Don’t worry about people bringing you down and insulting your work on this website. Most of the people on this forum are developers themselves and know what it feels like to have some jerk insult their work. If your looking for feedback on anything we will tell you straight up, but we wont insult you. And thanks for the feedback. The colors actually have perfect sink, But since some are brighter than others it looks like one is a bit ahead.

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    Just a few quick thoughts.
    I would put the time in to make the site responsive.
    The gray blocks on the right side don’t look that good. You may want to tweak them a bit.
    I would add hover states to the buttons at the top middle.
    The repeating image in the background needs to go!

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    @Caleb I just changed the image to a full page background for the time being until i make a background image that goes with it. and im looking for a blank wp theme that enables Widgets. the starkers one does not. Thanks. I truly appreciate it.

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    No problem!

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    @attilahajzer, adding widgets isn’t hard at all, why sacrifice your theme choice on whether it has widget functionality included?

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    Not looking too bad at all :) A couple of points to consider though:

    In my browser, there’s a lot of lag (if that’s the right term here). As in, it takes a noticeable amount of time to scroll and a very long time to finish loading. I think it might have something to do with the background image, so you may want to have a look at ways to make your site lighter

    You might also want to have all of the text align on the same vertical line to the left. At the moment, the banner, content title and content are all on different vertical lines. I believe the site would look cleaner if they were aligned :)

    Overall, it’s looking really good

    # January 22, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    @attilahajzer ,

    It takes guts to expose oneself to open criticism. Please do not mitigate that step you courageously took by instructing us on how to critique. Negative mindless bashing is self-evident. You will know when such a post hits you.

    On the site itself, the #1 issue I spot, one which immediately prevents me from digging much further, is the violation of the proverbial rule “Show, don’t tell”, a violation that is often associated with amateurish fervour.


    “Considering A Change?

    You’ve come to the right place!

    Take a tour of our newly redesigned
    website we guarantee you’ll love
    it just as much as we do!

    This is just poor copy, I’m afraid. Don’t tell me I’m going to like a site I’m currently browsing. I am perfectly capable of deciding whether I like it or not and the assertion is but conveying insecurity. You repeat the same mistake when you state

    Using HTML5 and valid CSS3 for your next website, you can be sure that choosing me is the right choice for your company when it comes to website design.

    Bottom line: if your website is both functional and polished, looks professional and beautiful, up to date and mobile-friendly, that in itself will speak volumes, in so much as dispensing you from making the above nervous claims.

    Show customers how good a web designer you are. Don’t tell them.

    Keep up the good efforts and best of luck!

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    @ChristP its just cause I’m using starkers and the widgets aren’t available, And I think I just want it for the availability. Not the fact that I might actually use it, just so I have it if I want it? or maybe because I’d like the full version of wordpress. Do you know what I mean?

    @David_Leitch I understand that there’s lag, the background image may just be temporary, im still not 100% sure if I want to keep it. And I will take your advice about the vertical alignment of the elements and make sure they line up, I am with you on that, that it will make it look cleaner.

    @PLNR I spoke the a class mate about this today, Short story long, I had an interview today with Niagara Research (at Niagara College) for a webdesign position, where I would work with Companies/ clients about at a time, a few a year, to create their website and so i went to this class mate that has had an extensive knowledge and experience with interviews so I showed him my resume, cover letter and my portfolio (the site) and he said “Don’t show them what you can do, but show them what you’ve done” so roughly the same idea. and I agree with you show them, don’t tell them. I will make sure that get that message across. visually not verbally. I will work on that, thank you.

    Thank you all for your comments, posts and criticisms it has all been greatly appreciated. I will continue to work on my website with you in mind.

    # January 23, 2013 at 1:05 am

    > “Don’t show them what you can do, but show them what you’ve done”

    Do you mean “Don’t tell them what you can do, show them”?

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    @attilahajzer, I guess I don’t see your reasoning behind choosing a new theme based on whether it’s widgetized or not, when it’s just as easy to widgetize Starkers, rather than start over with a new theme

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    @christburton Exactly!

    @ChrisP well how do I widgetize it?

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