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    Hi all,

    I’m looking for a bit of feedback on a web-app I’ve made. It’s a daily to-do-list that deletes itself at midnight every night.

    If you have a spare couple of minutes, I’d love you forever if you could take a look at the app and give it a quick go and see what you think!

    The link is at: [to-do-today web app]( “to-do-today”). Desktop or mobile use is welcomed (though I’m yet to test the design on a lot of phones).

    There is one bug that I am aware of at the moment, that is if you constantly check/uncheck something as done, it messes up the delete button (to get rid of that to-do once the delete button is gone requires deleting the cookie associated with it).


    Love the smooth interface and the sorting options…

    Is there any particular reason why you chose to have an entrance screen? Most of the time, I feel like if you go to a website it’s because you want to use it and having to confirm this on the first page that you reach is a slight turn-off (especially considering the app is targeting those who have a lot to do). If you’re going to keep it, it needs to add some value for the user – perhaps it could describe some key features.

    Solid start though.


    Definitely need an option to be able to edit tasks that I’ve already submitted (more information, slightly changed, etc.).

    The urgent button looks too much like the submit button, which implies similar functionality. I’d change the urgent option to a simple (but nicely styled) checkbox.

    Going back to the ability to edit a task, can’t change something from non-urgent to urgent (or vice versa).

    Needs ability to save list – what happens if I accidentally close my window?

    If I refresh the page I get a 403 error.


    **@tomrogers123:** Thanks for the kind words. I know what you mean about the entrance screen, lately I’ve been a bit annoyed at having to ‘click’ every time I go to add something/check something off.

    One of the features I want to add is an e-mail field, where users can give their e-mail to store and retrieve their lists on multiple devices. Though I need to think about some ways to make this secure (just needing an e-mail to access a list probably isn’t the safest method, anyone could look at your list lol).

    Thanks again :)

    **@TheDoc:** I agree with you about the editing options, this is already on my to-do list :)

    Your list is stored in cookies until midnight, if you close the window and go back to the site your list should still be there (unless you’re not allowing cookies on your browser?), I’ve never had it 403 on me after a reload, that’s strange, i’ll have to look into it!

    Thanks for the suggestions!


    How do you save the list of todos? Session I guess.

    nice idea.

    found a bug (i think), try toggle status button on and off a few times.

    will get this:


    Yea, that is a bug I’m aware of (see note at end of 1st post), I’m trying to figure out why it does that, not getting very far though lol)


    @JoshBlackwood: Yea, I’m not sure why that shows up, I think it’s because I stopped the page reload on submit, and the trigger for that alert might happen after the information on the text-box has been removed by the app. I’m not 100%, but it’s going on my bug-fix list! Thanks.

    At the moment I do nothing to control the order of things, it basically just moves the last to-do you controlled to to the bottom (on it’s own, no programming does this), but I agree with you, it’d be nice if the checked items auto-sort to the bottom, thanks for the idea!

    Personally I’m not overly keen on slow transitions, but I wouldn’t say no to a swift one. At the moment yea they just snap into place with no transition at all, I could add a small one to give it more appeal.

    Great suggestions and bug reporting so far guys, thanks a lot!!


    @ChrisP or on any version of FF as far as I can see. Because the site is an add-on domain to my hosting pack, FF doesn’t like it when the link to fonts have a different domain name. I need to try and find a way around this, but no idea how without buying another hosting package just for the app.


    Oh thanks! I was thinking it would be a right pain to fix (Y)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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