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    critique my website be brutally honest

    Michael Ladd Owner


    Your portfolio is visually disorganized. Try to get a preview of golden dimensions. The preview is difficult to appreciate if tailored according to the mouse pointer. I prefer a modal slideshow. That will give you time to load one or more images of better quality.


    -I think it looks more like a News website.
    -this image looks like an advertisement banner. (and what’s the point of loading a bigger image and then scale it with css? It would be fine if you’re site would be responsive, but it’s not..this leads me to the next point)
    -make it responsive

    Overall, I think the graphic design looks messy..try to go for a cleaner layout


    Hey @Michael75065

    A website’s colour scheme is one of those things that you need to get right in order for it to look visually eye-catching, on your website you use;

    Light red – #8A0314
    Dark Red – #14000C
    Light Blue – #42B4D4
    Lightish Grey – #9A9A9A
    Dark Blue – #0E3977
    Black – #000000
    White – #FFFFFF
    Bright Orange – #AD3E00

    There is such an array of colours, that it’s hard to to keep a consistent flow. As @JoniGiuro said, the banner does look like an advertisement banner, it doesn’t really look professional at all and definitly will not attract clients.

    I also don’t get the whole “Let’s have a different colour/banner image on every page the user clicks on” thing. I don’t know how long that must have taken you to make all them different banners like this one

    Your best bet is to just keep it simple, maybe a h2 tag that’s in a nice font with maybe a background colour and some top and bottom padding, just something that’s clean and consistent.

    I think it’s in your best interest that you maybe look at some colour schemes, maybe 3-4 different colours and see which ones compliment each other nicely. Look [here]( “Top 25 Colour Combination Sites”) for more information about them. And also work on a design that’s simple, not only will it make for easier development but also less leg-work for you.

    I hope you get something going, keep us updated and good luck.


    Several of the sites (,, in your portfolio are branded at the bottom by [other]( “”) web design [companies]( “”), and I don’t know how friendly your email address is going to come off: [email protected] (feels scammy).

    Also, because your company uses your name, and the testimonials refer to you alone, it feels disingenuous to use the royal we.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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