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    Ben Wolfram

    My Site is partially completed. AJAX loading navigation and some other elements. How is the design looking so far? Any recommendations to add/change? Fill in the main content?

    Fairly new to web design, but I can front-end develop decently well; still
    struggling with the design aspect of my work.

    Does contain a FireFox glitch that I am trying to fix up. Here is the link for that if you would be so kind as to help me out if you know how. (jQuery LeftMargin Animation Issue)

    Kustom Designer

    Love the intro dude. Definitely original. I think it would be cool to have your portfolio spin in like a deck of cards, one image after another. I have tons of ideas for stuff like this but lack the coding skills to pull it off, but some day… here’s mine: http:://

    Ben Wolfram

    Thank you, appreciate the positive feedback. A great idea, I will explore this as well as others.

    Got the FireFox fix completed as well.


    I don’t see the point in hiding the navigation. I’d say it makes sense on mobile but considering how small the menu is I don’t think it’s necessary at any resolution. Just a bit annoying.

    Other than that, there’s no much to comment on until you fill the site with your content.


    There’s no reason to have the three stripes nav icon for me guess that I can hover over it to see navigation. I like websites where I can accomplish things with least amount of work . Currently you have 5 links in your nav. Why don’t you change those stripes to a nice home icon, show the nav items at all times and then you’l be left with only 4 items in your nav which will fit nicely side by side all the way down to 320 width. Always think about the user when you built not about yourself how hipster you can get because you learned something new which might not always translate in to good UX.


    I agree about the nav…the functionality you have should be for mobile only.

    Very cool intro though and I like the nice, clean look so far!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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