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    Hi everyone,

    I’m working with some a team of people that just built a WordPress site with multisite enabled. We constructed the site on the host that we’re going to use, so this isn’t going to be a situation where the actual site has to be moved, just the domain.

    The problem that we have is that once we changed the DNS, none of the links were functioning. Multisite is different because there is no site url value in the “General” tab of Settings, so we ended up trying to change it in the wp_config.php file, but when we did that we got an Error Establishing Database Connection.

    Does anyone know what the proper steps are or has gone through it who might know where we’re going wrong? Maybe it’s just a simple thing we’re missing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry to bump – just keeping it top of mind hoping someone had some kind of multisite experience :) I’ll keep hunting but I’d definitely appreciate if anyone has a sense of direction.

    It looks like in multisite you’ve got to do a lot of htaccess work in addition to the wp-config AND the database :(

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    Sorry, Josh! I haven’t dealt with multi-site stuff before.

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    I think we figured it out… or at least one of us did hah.

    Here is what we ended up doing:

    1) Dumped the entire WordPress database to a flat file.

    2) Edited this flat file and replaced all occurrences of the site name with the new site name

    3) Loaded this new edited copy of the database back

    For some reason just editing the DB and replacing them all didn’t seem to work until the last step of just pulling the entire thing down and going through it from scratch finally got it all. Maybe you can do this instead of mess with the .htaccess file that is shown here.

    The site is flipping GIANT, so this would of been a hell of a rebuild if we had to go that route lol. Hope this helps others.

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