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    Hi guys,
    I’ve bumped into a dilemma now that I need to add a language for client’s site that’s already built in WordPress. And maybe in the future add a 3rd language as well.
    So I was wondering if any of you can help me solve it.

    I wonder what of these 2 options is best:
    1. Install WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
    2. Do the Multisite installation in WP

    A bit background from this site:
    It’s a website that includes a news section (blog), a gallery with photos (up to 30) plus another 5 pages (sections) with content (text and a few photos).

    One of my main concerns:
    I’d like to know the best way which won’t slow down the site.

    Already appreciating any answers.


    I’m currently using qtranslate. There are 3 types of URL rewrite with qtranslate:

    I’m pretty happy about the plugin until recently when I try to tweak it (no help at the forum/wordpress site for 3 days. I end up using URL detection). But overall, it’s very simple and gentle for newcomers. You can edit all the content for all languages in one page.


    Thanks for your answer.
    I was considering that plugin since it’s for free, but wasn’t sure.

    Just still this doubt I have, did you feel your site slowed down after adding the extra language? Or the site keeps running as good as before having the extra language via qtranslate?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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