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    Hi there people.
    I’m totally new to all web programming and such…I can’t find any resources that explains how to do this. How can I add a tags option for a blog post? like, I’m making a new weblog system and I want user to be able to add some tags to his/her weblog entry when posting something. I don’t know how to collect, store, search, display and… Tags. I mean, what’s the way that people do this? what’s the known practice for this? how YOU guys do it?

    sorry for my awful English :(


    When creating a new post, you can simply add them yourself in the Post Tags box, shown in the image below:


    Bob, I don’t think kayvan is using WordPress.

    Having said that, their system of tagging is something that you should try to emulate in the system you’re creating. I don’t have enough backend knowledge to guide you, though.


    Oh you’re right TheDoc, I must have misread the part about him making a new weblog system.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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