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  • # March 22, 2013 at 5:03 am

    Hey folks,

    I was searchin through the whole webpage and via google but couldn’t find a fitting example for me.
    All I found was this:

    Actually thats what I want, but the code behind this Box is not good for me.

    Another example for what I want, it should look like this:

    This is my solution to a DropdownBox with an writeable Textfield on the side… But thats an ugly solution. The dropdownbox is made hidden from the left till the button and the textfield is just laying above the dropdownbox. Both inputs are linked with functions to have the same values.

    Anybody has something equal? My problem with the first shown example is that the code to embedd the input is.

    Thats not a good solution for my ongoing stuff.
    The box will be filled from a database table and not sure if I can fill this input correctly. Also the .js file is pretty “huge”. Isn’t there a short and nice way to get that done?

    peace, Adi

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